16 September, 2016 – 12:31 pm | Comments Off on Pope Francis Ends 15 Years of Discussion on Law on Sacraments by Adppting Eastern Code

Pope Francis has issued a Apostolic letter amending Canon Law to harmonise this with that of the Eastern Catholic Church.  This affects matters relating to Baptisms and Marriages where one of the parties is a …

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Morning & Evening Prayer: Today & Tomorrow

Today & Tomorrow

Please note that anything which is underlined is a link to further information. So for example, if you don’t recognise the name of the recommended hymn tune, click on it.

If you’d like help to sing the psalms and canticles go to the Psalm Tones page


Today (24th of February) - Saints of the Day, Saint Walburga, Saint Praetextatus

Morning Prayer - Psalter: Friday Week 3
    Hymn: We bless you, Father, Lord of life
    Recommended Tune: ROCKINGHAM

Evening Prayer - Psalter: Friday Week 3
    Hymn: When God made man, he gave him all the earth
    Recommended Tune: WOODLANDS

Tomorrow - Saints of the Day, St Ethelbert of Kent, St Victorinus

Morning Prayer - Psalter: Saturday Week 3
    Hymn: It were my soul’s desire
    Recommended Tune: SOULS DESIRE ++
      ++ The words strain to fit with the tune suggested in the book, hence new tune

Evening Prayer - Psalter: Sunday Week 4 Evening I
    Proper: 8th Sunday of Ordinary Time
    Hymn: Bless’d be the Lord our God!
    Recommended Tune: DIADEMATA

Irish Director of Formation made Bishop
16 May, 2014 – 6:41 am | Comments Off on Irish Director of Formation made Bishop
Irish Director of Formation made Bishop

Pope Francis has appointed Fr Kevin Doran bishop of the diocese of Elphin, Ireland. Bishop-elect Doran succeeds Bishop Christopher Jones in the pastoral care of the diocese on the western coast of Ireland.
Bishop-elect Kevin Doran …

Formation “Class of 2013” Reunion
31 March, 2014 – 1:40 pm | Comments Off on Formation “Class of 2013” Reunion
Formation “Class of 2013” Reunion

Eight men with six wives form the group of 12 that finished the Wonersh formation programme in June 2013 met at Wonersh on Saturday 29th March for a reunion. They joined the current the diaconal …

New Translation Exsultet
25 August, 2012 – 1:09 pm | Comments Off on New Translation Exsultet
The Homily and the New Evangelization
30 July, 2012 – 1:06 pm | Comments Off on The Homily and the New Evangelization
The Homily and the New Evangelization

Wednesday 19th September 2012 (10am-4.30pm)
St. Mary’s University College
Waldegrave Road
Strawberry Hill
Twickenham TW1 4SX
In preparation for the Year of Faith (Oct 11th 2012 – Nov 24th 2013) this conference will look at the opportunities and challenges for …

New Diaconal Review
18 May, 2012 – 4:42 pm | Comments Off on New Diaconal Review
New Diaconal Review

As you know the New Diaconal Review, launched four years ago, reflects the life and ministry of permanent deacons in northern Europe, produced by the North European circle of the International Diaconate Study Centre (IDC/IDZ). …

The Margaret Beaufort Lectures
4 January, 2012 – 7:36 am | Comments Off on The Margaret Beaufort Lectures
The Margaret Beaufort Lectures

You are cordially invited to attend a series of lectures being held at Cambridge University, organised by the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology.
The Crisis of Capitalism and the Common Good. 
5pm, Mondays, 6th February – 12th …

National Assembly of Deacons 2011
6 July, 2011 – 6:53 am | Comments Off on National Assembly of Deacons 2011
National Assembly of Deacons 2011

St Mary’s University College, Twickenham hosted a successful assembly and conference of permanent deacons, their wives and others involved in the formation of deacons from Friday 24th – Sunday 26th June.  Those attending were mostly …

New Directory for Formation in England and Wales
12 December, 2010 – 3:35 pm | Comments Off on New Directory for Formation in England and Wales
New Directory for Formation in England and Wales

The Directory for the Formation of Permanent Deacons in England and Wales has been published by the Bishops’ Conference. This document operates within the parameters on the 1998 Basic Norms for the Formation of Permanent …

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