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Eight men with six wives form the group of 12 that finished the Wonersh formation programme in June 2013 met at Wonersh on Saturday 29th March for a reunion. They joined the current the diaconal …

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General Diaconate

News and views from the UK and around the world about the Permanent Diaconate and the Church


Deacons have a unique place in the liturgy as a bridge between the congregation and the sanctuary.


National Conference of Diaconate Directors and Deacon Delegates


The word of God is one of the pillars of the threefold diaconate ministry. Explore posts covering various aspects of divine scripture.

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The Roman Catholic Church has a rich social doctrine. You can find articles on social justice issues here.

Morning & Evening Prayer: Today & Tomorrow

Today & Tomorrow

Please note that anything which is underlined is a link to further information. So for example, if you don’t recognise the name of the recommended hymn tune, click on it.

If you’d like help to sing the psalms and canticles go to the Psalm Tones page


During the Octave of Easter the hymn, antiphons, psalms and canticle come from the Proper of Easter Sunday, the Morning Prayer of which is found at MEP p.209 / DO Vol II p.346, Evening Prayer at MEP p.211 / DO Vol II p.356. The following details are common to each day of the Octave:
Morning Prayer - Psalter: Sunday, Week 1
    Hymn: Bring, all ye dear brought nations, bring, alleluia
    Recommended Tune: LASST UNS ERFREUEN
Evening Prayer - Psalter: from Proper
    Hymn: Christ the Lord is risen again!
    Recommended Tune: EASTER HYMN

Today (24th of April) - Easter Octave: Thursday

The proper for Easter Octave: Thursday can be found on page 221 of Morning & Evening Prayer, page 406 of Divine Office Vol. II
For other details see the box above.

Tomorrow - Easter Octave: Friday

The proper for Easter Octave: Friday can be found on page 223 of Morning & Evening Prayer, page 417 of Divine Office Vol. II
For other details see the box above.

Southwark Enquirer Days
30 September, 2012 – 4:31 pm | Comments Off
Southwark Enquirer Days

Don’t miss this call…
The ministry of Permanent Deacons was restored in the Archdiocese of Southwark in the 1970s. It is an ordained ministry of service dating from the earliest times of the Church and is …

New Translation Exsultet
25 August, 2012 – 1:09 pm | Comments Off
The Homily and the New Evangelization
30 July, 2012 – 1:06 pm | Comments Off
The Homily and the New Evangelization

Wednesday 19th September 2012 (10am-4.30pm)
St. Mary’s University College
Waldegrave Road
Strawberry Hill
Twickenham TW1 4SX
In preparation for the Year of Faith (Oct 11th 2012 – Nov 24th 2013) this conference will look at the opportunities and challenges for …

Graduation at Westminster Cathedral
30 July, 2012 – 12:18 pm | Comments Off
Graduation at Westminster Cathedral

On the 18th July, the first graduation of Permanent Deacons for the full honours BA in Theology and Religious Studies offered in conjunction with St Mary’s Twickenham took place.
Congratulations go to Deacons Paul Gately, Neil …

Ordination of Brendan Flaxman
6 July, 2012 – 5:34 pm | Comments Off
Ordination of Brendan Flaxman

Following his three years of formation Brendan Flaxman was ordained to the Permanent Diaconate by Bishop Crispian Hollis of Portsmouth Diocese. The ordination took place on Friday 22nd June at St Thomas’ Church, St Helier, …

Southwark Diaconate Candidacy 2012
9 May, 2012 – 9:28 am | Comments Off
Southwark Diaconate Candidacy 2012

On the afternoon of Saturday 5th May 2012, the Archbishop of Southwark, the Most Reverend Peter Smith presided at Mass in St George’s Cathedral to admit four aspirants into Candidacy for Holy Orders and for …

Worth Abbey Retreat 2012
3 May, 2012 – 12:15 pm | Comments Off
Worth Abbey Retreat 2012

This year the first and second year silent retreat was held at Worth Abbey. Over the past few years it has been held at Ashburnham, a Christian Centre not specifically Catholic therefore lacking a Catholic …

Graduation 2012
19 March, 2012 – 8:51 pm | Comments Off
Graduation 2012

Congratulations to the men in the current third year of formation who all graduated from St Mary’s University College in February. They are all now proud holders of a foundation degrees in Pastoral Ministry. Some …

The Margaret Beaufort Lectures
4 January, 2012 – 7:36 am | Comments Off
The Margaret Beaufort Lectures

You are cordially invited to attend a series of lectures being held at Cambridge University, organised by the Margaret Beaufort Institute of Theology.
The Crisis of Capitalism and the Common Good. 
5pm, Mondays, 6th February – 12th …

Prayers for Bishop Michael Evans
12 November, 2011 – 8:59 am | Comments Off

Bishop Michael Evans, Bishop of East Anglia, has written to the people of his diocese informing them that the cancer from which he has been suffering for over five years is now in its final …

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