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Recommended Hymn Tunes

Hymns are meant to be sung if at all possible. Unfortunately, those that appear in Morning and Evening Prayer tend to be unfamiliar to many people, and it’s not usually obvious which tune to use. The majority of the hymns that appear in the psalter have suggested tunes listed at the back of the book. If 19th century hymn tunes are your speciality, that suggested tunes list is probably all you need. Mere mortals, however, might need a bit of help…

Recommended Tune: WOODLANDS

MetreCommonly Used WithMidi File out my soul, the greatness of the LordWOODLANDS

Midi Files should play on your computer just by clicking on them. On Windows you’ll probably find that either Windows Media Player or RealPlayer will open up and do the honours. You’ll just hear the melody played.

Note: if you are using Windows you may be invited to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Media Player. This will almost certainly be worth doing (and it’s free).

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