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Propers for Memoria and Feasts

The propers associated with Memoria and Feasts – e.g. for a saint’s feast day, are found in their own section. You’ll find this section easily (it’s quite large) towards the back of both the Morning and Evening Prayer, and the three volumes of the Divine Office. The section is organised by date, and it is typically just a case of flicking through the pages until you get to today’s date. Of course, you will be coming back to this section quite often, so it’s wise to put one of your bookmarks in there permanently.

Often the proper for a Memoria will contain only the following:

  • Background information about the saint(s) whose memoria it is
  • A Benedictus Antiphon
  • A Concluding Prayer (which is used for both Morning and Evening Prayer)
  • A Magnificat Antiphon

You will also find the information you need about where to find the psalms etc. to use with what is given. Often this will be one of the Commons – e.g. the Common of Pastors, or the Common of Apostles. The more important Memoria – for example, The Guardian Angels, 2nd of October, will have their own psalm antiphons, Scripture Reading, Responsory and Intercessions along with the items already mentioned. The basic rule is, use whatever is provided by the proper, and then go to the section(s) you’re directed to for the other parts.

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