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Hymns in Lent

During the first part of Lent (i.e. before Holy Week), Hymns 15 to 19 are used. These are to be found on pages 1111-1113 of Morning and Evening Prayer, pages 569*-571* of Divine Office Volume II. Which hymns should you use when? It’s up to you.

Tune for Hymn 15 - God, of thy pity, unto us thy children

If you don’ know this hymn/tune already it would be well worth making the effort to learn it. Let’s face it, you’re going to be seeing it in the book every Lent for the rest of your born days.

Where does the honey go? Since the tune is a little unusual, you may struggle a bit to fit the remaining verses to the tune (only verse 1 is demonstrated in the recording). If this is the case, you may find it useful to see the words printed under the tune (a pdf icon PDF document for nicer printing).

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateiPod FileMP3 File

As always, please don’t expect perfection from this audio recording - computer speakers won’t be especially kind to it. It should be good enough to help you learn the hymn. If you have an iPod or other mp3 player you might wish save a copy of it by right-clicking (ctrl-clicking on the Mac), choosing ‘Save Target (or Link) As...’, and saving the file to somewhere handy for your player.

Recommended Tune for Hymn 16 - Afar from where the sun doth rise

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
ANGEL’S SONGLMForth in the peace of Christ we go853ANGEL’S SONG


TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
OLD HUNDREDTHLMAll people that on earth do dwell466-

Recommended Tune for Hymn 17 - Lord Jesus, think on me

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
FRANCONIASMBlest are the pure in heart908FRANCONIA

Or the tune listed in the book:

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
SOUTHWELLSMLord Jesus, think on me204-

Recommended Tune for Hymn 18 - Jesus, the sun of ransomed earth

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
FULDALMWe have a gospel to proclaim852FULDA

Or one of the other LM tunes shown on this page.

Recommended Tune for Hymn 19 - Now let us all with one accord

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
TALLIS CANONLMAlmighty Father, Lord most high602TALLIS CANON


TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
ROCKINGHAMLMWhen I survey the wondrous cross756-

Midi Files should play on your computer just by clicking on them. On Windows you’ll probably find that either Windows Media Player or RealPlayer will open up and do the honours. You’ll just hear the melody played.

Note: if you are using Windows you may be invited to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Media Player. This will almost certainly be worth doing (and it’s free).

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