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The Office of Readings


  1. Hymn
  2. Psalmody
  3. Responsory
  4. Readings
  5. Responsory
  6. Te Deum (Sundays outside Lent and on Solemnities and Feasts)
  7. Concluding Prayer

The hymn, antiphons, psalmody, and verse are found in the Psalter.

When the Office of Readings comes immediately before Morning Prayer, the hymn designated for the latter may be used in place of the hymn at the beginning of the Office of Readings. (See GILH 99.)

Preferably, the hymn should be sung, but, as circumstances require, it may be recited.

The readings and prayer are found in the Proper of Seasons.

When Morning Prayer follows immediately, the prayer and acclamation at the end of the Office of Readings are not used. (See GILH 99.)