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Christmastide I

Before Epiphany hymns are usually chosen from the Christmastide I section (at the back of the book) –
p. 1105 in Morning & Evening Prayer, p. 550* in Vol. I of the Divine Office

Which Hymn Should You Use When?

It’s up to you!

Tune for Hymn 6 - A noble flow’r of Juda from tender roots has sprung

This hymn has a very unusual metre, and this is the only tune that fits.

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
ES IST EIN ROS76.76.676A noble flow’r126ES IST EIN ROS

Recommended Tune for Hymn 7 - Afar from where the sun doth rise

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
ANGEL’S SONGLMForth in the peace of Christ we go853ANGEL’S SONG

Or the tune listed in the book:

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
ST VENANTIUSLMWhen Jesus comes to be baptised171ST VENANTIUS

Recommended Tune for Hymn 8 - Christ whose blood for all men streamed

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
NOTTINGHAM77.77Take my life and let it be874NOTTINGHAM

Or the tune listed in the book:

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
GREYSTONES77.77Christ be near at either hand812GREYSTONES

Tune for Hymn 9 - O come, all ye faithful

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
ADESTE, FIDELESIrregularO come, all ye faithful159-

Recommended Tune for Hymn 10 - Unto us a child is given

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
BLAENWERN87.87.DLove divine, all loves excelling801BLAENWERN

Or the tune listed in the book:

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
DRAKES BOUGHTON87.87See us, Lord about thine altar648DRAKES BOUGHTON

Tune for Hymn 11 - Of the Father’s love begotten

TuneMetreUsed WithLaudateMidi File

Recommended Tune for Hymn 12 - Christ is here, Emmanuel

Please note that the audio files given here use the recommended tune with a different hymn (Mary crowned with living light). Even so, it should allow you to hear how the tune could be used with Christ is here, Emmanuel.

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateiPod FileMP3 File
TAKE THIS MOMENT75.75Take this moment850Take This MomentTake This Moment

Or the tune listed in the book (despite the difference in metre - 66.66, rather than 75.75 - this tune does fit the words):

TuneMetreCommonly Used WithLaudateMidi File
RAVENSHAW66.66Lord, thy word abideth977-

Please don’t expect perfection from these audio recordings - computer speakers won’t be especially kind to them. In any case, they are offered here in the hope that they will enable you to sing hymns that you would otherwise have to read.

If you have an iPod or other mp3 player you might be best right-clicking (ctrl-clicking on the Mac), choosing ‘Save Target (or Link) As...’, and saving the file to somewhere handy for your player.

Midi Files should play on your computer just by clicking on them. On Windows you’ll probably find that either Windows Media Player or RealPlayer will open up and do the honours. You’ll just hear the melody played.

Note: if you are using Windows you may be invited to upgrade to the latest version of Windows Media Player. This will almost certainly be worth doing (and it’s free).

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