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Formation “Class of 2013” Reunion

Eight men with six wives form the group of 12 that finished the Wonersh formation programme in June 2013 met at Wonersh on Saturday 29th March for a reunion. They joined the current the diaconal students for morning prayers then met for a discussion on Evangelii Gaudium. Led by Deacon Brin Dunsire the talk covered the seven main themes covered in the Apostolic Exhortation:

  1. The reform of the Church in a Missionary key of pastoral agents
  2. The temptations/difficulties of pastoral agents
  3. The Church understood as the the totality of the People of god which evangelizes
  4. The homily and its preparation
  5. The social inclusion of the poor
  6. Peace and social dialogue
  7. The spiritual motivations for the Church’s missionary action

The cement which binds these themes together is concentrated in the merciful love of God which goes forth to meet every person in order to manifest the heart of his revelation: The life of every person acquires meaning in the encounter with Jesus Christ and in the joy of sharing this experience of love with others.

After Mass and lunch the group discussed issues, difficulties and the joy that they had encountered since ordination. Following evening prayers the group adjourned to the nearby Barnett Hill Hotel for a meal and drink.