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New Diaconal Review

As you know the New Diaconal Review, launched four years ago, reflects the life and ministry of permanent deacons in northern Europe, produced by the North European circle of the International Diaconate Study Centre (IDC/IDZ). It is the only theological journal in English in the world devoted to the study of the diaconate.

A number of senior bishops and academics are editorial consultants for the journal, and we are delighted that His Grace, the Archbishop of Southwark has agreed to become a consultant, in succession to the late Bishop of East Anglia. He writes:

‘I do think it is an excellent publication and I am very happy to support it.’

However, the journal will only survive and flourish if we increase and build our base of subscribers. Given the number of Anglophone deacons in northern Europe the level of practical support is not good enough – if things don’t improve we will not survive. It is only £15 / €20 a year. To take out a subscription online please go to www.idc-nec.org.org [1] or by post to IDC-NEC, 77 University Road, Aberdeen AB24 3DR

Fr Ashley Beck is co-editor of the New Diaconal Review and Dean of Studies, Permanent Diaconate Formation Programme for the dioceses of Southwark, Westminster, Cardiff, Arundel and Brighton, Brentwood, East Anglia, Northampton, Plymouth and Portsmouth